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Multiple tasks

The first job I asked them to do was re-make our approximately 5’x5’ walk in pantry. The walls were full of holes after removing wire shelves. Day one: patch and paint. Moses did such a great job I thought it might have been a shame to cover up all that beauty with wood laminate shelving. Day two: installation. Shane 2 and Michael gave me exactly what I wanted – wall to wall practically floor to ceiling sturdy wood shelves on which my things will no longer topple over.


-- Drywall Service – 2019

Minor plumbing, masonry

I have yet to suggest a project they haven’t been able to help me complete. Project 1. I’m pretty handy, but I wasn’t comfortable disconnecting dishwasher, garbage disposal, and kitchen faucet. Enter Chris, who I now call “Can do Chris.” Disconnected all this for me but found the water shut off valves needed to be replaced. He capped the water lines, left me new valves for post-remodel installation and offered loads of advice about pre-installation preparation. Project 2. Our new range hood mechanism would not work with the old intake vent from our former over range microwave combo. Chris worked with me to figure out the best way to get it up and running. This involved creating a new hole through the brick for the new vent, removing the old vent, connecting the new ductwork to the (he even spray painted it for me) new vent, sealing it all up, repairing the old hole with new brick on the outside (you’d have to look really hard to notice the patch) and drywall inside, installing the hood mechanism and liner into the cabinetry, connecting it to the new ductwork, and making sure it all worked. We’re in the middle of our total kitchen remodel. When the cabinet installers tell me, “We don’t do that” or “Do you want us to do that for an additional fee” I just say, “I want it done right. I have people.” The price I paid for these 2 projects included many of the supplies.


-- Drywall Service – 2019