Handyman Repairs in Charlotte, NC

When you have home projects piled up around the house and no time to get to them, consider hiring a handyman. A handyman will expertly tackle all your home projects — at the fraction of the cost of a professional contractor.

Why a Handyman Should Be Your Choice for a Home Project

You might wonder why a handyman would be better than a contractor would. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Your home projects get finished: Do you feel overwhelmed by the lack of progress you’ve made on your home projects? A handyman can take on these home projects and get them done quickly, leaving you less stressed and your home better.
  • Your resale value goes up: Do you want to sell your home but have a thousand little repairs you need done? Hire a handyman. He or she can finish the repairs quickly, and your home will instantly go up in value.
  • Your handyman has multiple skills: Home repairs often require more than one skillset. A handyman can take on many small projects at once because he or she knows how to do more than one thing.
  • Your wallet will thank you: Cost is often the deciding factor between hiring a contractor or a handyman. A handyman often has many of the same skills a contractor does but at half or even less of the cost.

When you think of whether you want to hire a contractor or a handyman next time, think of all the advantages a handyman has over a contractor.

How Eager Beaver Handyman Services Can Help You

Eager Beaver Handyman Services is ready to help with your project. Here is what we specialize in:

  • Bathroom remodels
  • Roofs
  • Tiling and flooring

Whether you need a bathroom gutted and new vanities put in or a new hardwood floor put into your kitchen, Eager Beaver Handyman Services can help.

Call our Charlotte, NC, award-winning handyman service today at (704) 840-7968 or find us on Angie’s List.